Does Georgia’s Move Over Law Save Lives?

We all know the protocol when we hear the sound of an emergency vehicle in a huge hurry to save lives.¬† A driver moves his vehicle over to the side of the road to get out of the way of the emergency vehicle, ensuring quick passage through traffic. But many drivers are not aware of Georgia’s Move Over Law, enacted to protect police officers, emergency technicians, traffic offenders and DOT workers that may risk their lives during traffic stops, after traffic accidents and while working on highway construction sites.

The law dictates a lane change if possible to put some distance between your vehicle and whatever is happening in the emergency lane. It may be impossible to make a lane change due to traffic flow or other issues however, every attempt must be made to ensure the safety or those involved in a towing, recovery or highway maintenance operation that could potentially be injured by an oncoming vehicle. If a driver assesses the current situation and cannot change lanes, slowing to a safe speed less than the posted speed limit is advisable. Also, a driver should be prepared to stop unexpectedly if need be.

The Move Over Law in Georgia should save lives but unfortunately many are not aware of the law and thus do not know what to do. Violations of Georgia’s Move Over Law carry penalties of up to $500. Other states with Move Over Laws carry fines of up to $1000! Even more important drivers in every states should be aware of the laws and respectful of the need to protect the safety and lives of those who risk their lives to keep all our highways safe.

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Some Atlanta Georgia Red Light Cameras Temporarily Inactive

Recently, the use of red lights cameras in Atlanta Georgia was temporarily halted, due to an inability to negotiate a final contract with a red light camera service provider needed to continue the program. Though a few red light cameras are still operating, city officials estimate the remaining cameras will be not be operational until mid May, the estimated date for completed contract negotiations. A driver caught running a red light by a red light camera in Atlanta Georgia can be fined $70 for the offense. Read the story from Ch 11 news

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Amnesty Offered for Unpaid Parking & Traffic Tickets in East Point, GA

The city of East Point Georgia will be offering 6 days of amnesty beginning April 8th, to any driver with an unpaid traffic or parking ticket. Anyone with an outstanding ticket could have “failure to appear” fines waived at the option of the judge. Even those with suspended licenses may get a release from the court department upon payment of fines.

Read the story on East Point Georgia’s official site.

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Catoosa County Georgia Traffic Stops Questioned

The sheriff in Catoosa County Georgia is reviewing the practices and policies regarding traffic stops due to an alleged incident involving an FBI agent stopped for a DUI by deputies in that Georgia county. The deputy that handled this particular traffic stop is no longer employed by the Catoosa County Sheriff’s Department. Other incidents have come to light regarding¬† alleged preferential treatment during traffic stops involving employees of the Sheriff’s department as well. Though the Sheriff’s department denies any criminal wrongdoings on the part of its staff, apparently further investigation is still being pursued.

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Electronic Insurance Cards for Proof of Insurance Considered in Georgia

Alabama, Arizona, California, Idaho, Louisiana and Minnesota allow drivers pulled over for a traffic stop to show electronic proof of insurance via their smartphone. Many other states including Georgia are also considering bills or proposals to allow for this practice, states that currently have this bill on their legislative agendas for 2013 include Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Maine, Michigan, Missouri, Mississippi, Ohio, Oregon, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Texas, Utah, Washington, Wisconsin and Wyoming.

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VA Bill Enforcing Tougher Texting While Driving Penalties Passes

VA Bill Toughens Texting While Driving Penalties

Texting While Driving Prevails Even In States Where Its Illegal

How many lives must be lost over a distracted driver too busy typing a text message to really pay attention to the road and other drivers? Seems our fast paced society doesn’t allow for an uninterrupted, totally focused drive wherein the “smart” phone is used just for talking rather than texting or emailing. As the use of smart phones grows with each passing day, so too does the threat to the safety of those who continue this dangerous practice and endangers those who be driving next to or near someone who is doing it, thus, “driver beware!”

One Nebraska teen told her story before legislators in hopes of strengthening enforcement of these laws which is an issue. The hope is that more severe penalties would be threatened to those who violate the laws in an effort to thwart this dangerous form of distracted driving and save lives of drivers of all ages.

Stronger Texting and Driving Law Enforcement Needed