The Georgia Department of Transportation

The Georgia Department of Transportation issues a warning regarding fraudulent ticket fine collection scheme, beware!

Which of our states in the U.S. has the Worst Speed Traps?

Which of our states in the U.S. has the sneakiest speeding traps, gives the most expensive fines for first time speeders or will cost a speeder the most? Read and learn…..

Georgia’s Super Speeder Law Revisited

Georgia’s Super Speeder Law was enacted 3 1/2 years ago and since that time a whopping 230,000 tickets have been issued. At a minimum of $200 ticket, in addition to the speeding ticket fine itself that’s millions in revenue. Yet, repeat offenders are prevalent. Is there a solution? Story from Fox News in Atlanta provides an interesting perspective.

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Texting While Driving Bans, State by State

Texting while driving laws aren’t just for teens any more. 41 states in the U.S. have banned the potentially fatal practice altogether, 6 states have partial bans in effect with the remaining 3, including Arizona, Montana and South Carolina having no ban in effect at all.

As for cell phone use, talking on a hand held cell phone while driving is prohibited in 11 states and there are laws that restrict novice drivers from cell phone usage altogether in 37 states. Visit for a map of the U.S. with a summary of each states laws.

Although texting while driving is against the law in so many states, its tough to enforce these laws for now but based on the dangers involved in doing this dirty deed, Attorney Scott Fortas  advises that at some point this may change and ticketing could become easier for law enforcement officers that catch offenders.

Remember that text or email can wait 5 minutes; or pull off the road into and do your texting while the car is in a parked position.

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Late Traffic Tickets Fees Forgiveness Period Begins in Dunwoody Georgia

For the next two months if you forgot to pay your Dunwoody GA speeding or traffic ticket on time you could get a reprieve from paying the late fees associated with the ticket. The goal of the program is to reduce the amount of outstanding tickets, encourage safer driving and to cut back on the number of arrests.

Since this will only be in effect for the next two months if you have a late ticket, procrastinating could put you outside of the amnesty period and stuck with all the fees. Read more about Dunwoody Georgia late ticket fee amnesty.

Get legal help with a Dunwoody Georgia traffic or speeding ticket from a Dekalb County Traffic Lawyer.

Georgia’s Summer H.E.A.T. (Highway Enforcement of Aggressive Traffic) Begins

In an attempt to crack down on drivers who violate speeding and traffic laws, Memorial Day weekend kicks off the 100 days of the official H.E.A.T. campaign by Georgia law enforcement officers. Specifically targeting those who choose to risk others lives by texting and driving or recklessly speeding, or driving under the influence of alcohol, be wary as the efforts of  your local traffic enforcement will be stepped up dramatically.

Should you end up with a ticket, Attorney Scott Fortas advises you contact the Fortas Law Group for legal help however the best tactic is safer driving and ticket avoidance.

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Black Box Mandate for All Vehicles – New Device Locks It Down

Once the law that mandates a black box is in every vehicle goes into effect, you will be prohibited from removing it or altering in any way the data is is engineered to gather and provide, mostly data to enhance future improvements to vehicle safety and save lives. The truth is that the black black box is in place to monitor date and time of an accident, vehicle speed, engine speed, steering angle, throttle position, braking status, force of impact, seat belt status and airbag deployment as they occur during an accident.

What the black box cannot do includes alerting or monitoring whether the driver was intoxicated, violating a traffic law or using a cell phone.

A new product, still in the early stages of development, will at least enable you to “lock down” the data in the black box to prevent fraud or theft. The product, AutoCyb retails for $33 and will protect unauthorized access for anyone other than the driver, law enforcement, insurance companies or the vehicles manufacturer,  all of whom have the right to review or use the data as needed.

The black box will also assist in monitoring data about the vehicle itself in the event of a malfunction or failure, to provide the manufacturer with additional data to make vehicle improvements as needed. Many drivers are comfortable with sharing data with law enforcement or a manufacturer but have concerns over the “big brother is watching” nature of the black box.

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