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  1. I’m trying to find the Georgia statute that says only Georgia Highway Patrol has jurisdiction on Interstate highways for speeding infractions less than 20 mph over posted speed limit. I got a ticket by a county sheriff on the interstate 14 mph over the limit. I called the traffic court and they said all I have to do is fax them the statute.

  2. My daughter go a speeding ticket in Oconee County, GA going 86 in a 55 mph zone. It was a 4 lane hwy. She is 20 years old. The trooper told her that she could mail in her ticket. Is this true or does she have to go to court with a parent?

    • Just wondering what happened with your daughter as my daughter just received a ticket in Oconee for a similar violation….

  3. some info for the person that may have just gotten a speedind ticket.

  4. I have received a ticket for speeding
    I was speeding at 55 in a 35 .

    Please help me understand the fine of $726.00
    This seem outragius? Please advise

    Thank you for your assistance

    Sean Hamilton

    • I am looking for a local lawyer to help me in Jackson County GA on a speeding violation in Maysville. My court date is March 15th 2011.

  5. i got a ticket from a duluth city policeman who was setting on privite property. is this a legal ticket i am told that only a state troper can hide the car.

  6. I just got a speeding ticket in Duluth Ga and when the officer told me how fast i was going i found it very hard to believe. He took my license and went back to his car and wrote me a ticket. When he returned i told him i did not think he was correct. I asked if i could see the device he used to verify i was speeding. He quickly said NO. I asked why and he said for two reason: 1. it was in his car and i was not allowed to get out of my car. 2. He said he was not required to show me.

    I then asked if he would bring it to me so i could verify it. He then said he didn’t know if he reset the device and said he would not bring the device to me.

    My question is that if i ask to see it do i have a right to see it. Please help me understand what my right it.


  8. Is there a speeding ticket rubric anywhere for Sandy Springs, GA? Pulled over for 54 mph in a 35 mph zone. Ticket was $346. Are the fines published anywhere?

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