Texting While Driving Bans, State by State

Texting while driving laws aren’t just for teens any more. 41 states in the U.S. have banned the potentially fatal practice altogether, 6 states have partial bans in effect with the remaining 3, including Arizona, Montana and South Carolina having no ban in effect at all.

As for cell phone use, talking on a hand held cell phone while driving is prohibited in 11 states and there are laws that restrict novice drivers from cell phone usage altogether in 37 states. Visit  http://ow.ly/melGY for a map of the U.S. with a summary of each states laws.

Although texting while driving is against the law in so many states, its tough to enforce these laws for now but based on the dangers involved in doing this dirty deed, Attorney Scott Fortas  advises that at some point this may change and ticketing could become easier for law enforcement officers that catch offenders.

Remember that text or email can wait 5 minutes; or pull off the road into and do your texting while the car is in a parked position.

More about Georgia Traffic Laws.

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