Class-action lawsuit seeks to get money

Class-action lawsuit seeks to get money back for red light tickets @RedLightCameras

Was your blood alcohol level as checked

Was your blood alcohol level as checked by a breathalyzer accurate? Guidelines.

Georgia school buses in many counties un

Georgia school buses in many counties undergo “physicals” to ensure safety for students beginning school year this week and in the coming weeks.

The Georgia Department of Transportation

The Georgia Department of Transportation issues a warning regarding fraudulent ticket fine collection scheme, beware!

Catoosa County Georgia Traffic Stops Questioned

The sheriff in Catoosa County Georgia is reviewing the practices and policies regarding traffic stops due to an alleged incident involving an FBI agent stopped for a DUI by deputies in that Georgia county. The deputy that handled this particular traffic stop is no longer employed by the Catoosa County Sheriff’s Department. Other incidents have come to light regarding¬† alleged preferential treatment during traffic stops involving employees of the Sheriff’s department as well. Though the Sheriff’s department denies any criminal wrongdoings on the part of its staff, apparently further investigation is still being pursued.

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Florida Drivers Most Likely to Get Speeding Tickets

According to a recent report by Florida drivers have the “need for speed” and are more likely to get speeding tickets than drivers in other states. Georgia and Nevada are tied for the number 2 spot in most speeding tickets given out. The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles disputes the validity of the study however, drivers in Florida are notorious for driving above the speed limit.

Florida issues just under one million speeding tickets last year. Somehow driver seem to forget that the reason speed limits are set is to prevent accidents and save lives though distracted driving and rushing to get from point A to point causes drivers to forget to keep an eye on the speedometer so as not to incur the fines, potential lost license and increased insurance rates that may go along with a speeding ticket.

.Speeding Car GA

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Texting While Driving Laws

After a multitude of horrifying crashes caused by distracted drivers specifically sending or receiving text messages, 38 states now have laws in place that ban all texting while driving, and will ticket an offender for a moving violation if caught in the act, whereas 10 states ban cellphone use altogether and will issue ticket for drivers caught with a phone in hand.

Visit the link below to see which states have enacted laws to protect driver’s both young and old from distracted driving due to texting.

Latest cell phone and texting laws update.

Proposed Bill Would Punish Adults Driving Drunk with Children

Adults found guilty of DUI with children in the car have been prosecuted for a misdemeanor under current laws, however a proposed bill would make the offense a felony punishable by jail time. Read the story now.