Georgia school buses in many counties un

Georgia school buses in many counties undergo “physicals” to ensure safety for students beginning school year this week and in the coming weeks.

Georgia’s Super Speeder Law Revisited

Georgia’s Super Speeder Law was enacted 3 1/2 years ago and since that time a whopping 230,000 tickets have been issued. At a minimum of $200 ticket, in addition to the speeding ticket fine itself that’s millions in revenue. Yet, repeat offenders are prevalent. Is there a solution? Story from Fox News in Atlanta provides an interesting perspective.

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Late Traffic Tickets Fees Forgiveness Period Begins in Dunwoody Georgia

For the next two months if you forgot to pay your Dunwoody GA speeding or traffic ticket on time you could get a reprieve from paying the late fees associated with the ticket. The goal of the program is to reduce the amount of outstanding tickets, encourage safer driving and to cut back on the number of arrests.

Since this will only be in effect for the next two months if you have a late ticket, procrastinating could put you outside of the amnesty period and stuck with all the fees. Read more about Dunwoody Georgia late ticket fee amnesty.

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Georgia’s Summer H.E.A.T. (Highway Enforcement of Aggressive Traffic) Begins

In an attempt to crack down on drivers who violate speeding and traffic laws, Memorial Day weekend kicks off the 100 days of the official H.E.A.T. campaign by Georgia law enforcement officers. Specifically targeting those who choose to risk others lives by texting and driving or recklessly speeding, or driving under the influence of alcohol, be wary as the efforts of  your local traffic enforcement will be stepped up dramatically.

Should you end up with a ticket, Attorney Scott Fortas advises you contact the Fortas Law Group for legal help however the best tactic is safer driving and ticket avoidance.

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Amnesty Offered for Unpaid Parking & Traffic Tickets in East Point, GA

The city of East Point Georgia will be offering 6 days of amnesty beginning April 8th, to any driver with an unpaid traffic or parking ticket. Anyone with an outstanding ticket could have “failure to appear” fines waived at the option of the judge. Even those with suspended licenses may get a release from the court department upon payment of fines.

Read the story on East Point Georgia’s official site.

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States Where You Are Most Likely To Get a Speeding Ticket

A recent USA Today article provided a list of the top 10 cities and top 5 states across the U.S. where, according to ticket related search queries found in google, you are most likely to get a speeding ticket. The article calls out the top 5 speeding ticket giving states as Nevada, Georgia, Alabama, Florida and Maryland and the following cities specifically;

1. Atlanta, GA
2. Los Angeles, CA
3. Dallas-Fort Worth, TX
4. Miami, FL
5. New York, NY
6. Chicago, IL
7. Washington, D.C.
8. Houston, TX
9. Orlando, FL
10. San Diego, CA

Read the article in USA Today.

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Red Light Cameras Along Your Route? There’s An App For That

With the growth of mobile technology and most notably, smart phones with access to the Android Market or the Mac/iPhone/iPad App store, figured it would only be a matter of time before someone came up with the great idea of sharing information regarding speed traps and red light cameras and making it available to others via an app.  Free apps include RadarActive Speed Traps, Trapster, iRoadAlert, paid apps range in price from $10 month for PhantomAlert to 99 cents f0r SpeedCam Live, SpeedTraps Live and a few others.

Reviews vary for the different apps but most agree that a monthly subscription fee of $10 might be a bit much even with all the bells and whistles that PhantomAlert claims to have. Trapster refers to their app’s users as a “social community” dedicated to sharing information about how to avoid a speed trap, red light cam or even hazardous road conditions. For those who have already racked up points on their driving record or paid traffic ticket fines that they thought were sky high, a little app can go a long way, just don’t become so absorbed in looking at the app on your phone that you forget to concentrate on the road in front of you.

If you do get a traffic or speeding ticket in Georgia, contact Georgia Traffic Ticket Lawyer Scott Fortas for a free ticket consult.