Texting While Driving Prevails Even In States Where Its Illegal

How many lives must be lost over a distracted driver too busy typing a text message to really pay attention to the road and other drivers? Seems our fast paced society doesn’t allow for an uninterrupted, totally focused drive wherein the “smart” phone is used just for talking rather than texting or emailing. As the use of smart phones grows with each passing day, so too does the threat to the safety of those who continue this dangerous practice and endangers those who be driving next to or near someone who is doing it, thus, “driver beware!”

One Nebraska teen told her story before legislators in hopes of strengthening enforcement of these laws which is an issue. The hope is that more severe penalties would be threatened to those who violate the laws in an effort to thwart this dangerous form of distracted driving and save lives of drivers of all ages.

Stronger Texting and Driving Law Enforcement Needed

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