Traffic Bad in Atlanta Georgia But Predictable Now Due to New Technology

Drivers seem to have adjusted to the traffic congestion problem when driving in and around Atlanta Georgia. According to the most recent report from Urban Mobility, one of the nation’s leading providers of traffic studies, Atlanta traffic delays tend to be more consistent and predictable than those in other large cities. The report also states that the reliability of the data provided has become increasingly better due to “cutting edge traffic technology and management” including “Georgia Navigator” an online service that driver’s can use to map their intended destination and receive an approximate total time it will take to get there.

Atlanta Georgia’s traffic is still considered the 7th worst in the nation but at least its getting to a point where any delays can be mapped out in advance and there is a certain predictability point that can prevent unexpected late arrivals.

Have you used Georgia Navigator to map out your travels and have you found it useful?

Atlanta Georgia Traffic Lawyers

Read the article from the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

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  1. yeah i use it to see whether to just stay home or would riding my bike be faster..

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