Jackson County Georgia – Another GA Speed Trap

If you are traveling through Jackson County Georgia, better obey all traffic laws as their city police exhibit some of the toughest traffic enforcement in Georgia The municipal police departments (Jefferson, Commerce, Arcade, Pendergrass, and Braselton) all concentrate on major highways 129, 441 and I-85, and also will nab you for minor traffic violations, such as running stop signs and improper lane changes.

Arcade and Pendergrass are the worst, as they will stop you for going 1 over through their towns. Jefferson, Braselton, and Commerce are less strict (5-10 over speed limit max) but they will still ticket you for anything more than this. Self survey shows that incorporated cities along the four-lane 129 bypass make about $1.5 million per year in traffic tickets. Town of Braselton has city limits on interstate 85, and they seem to be lying in wait here all the time. Commerce occasionally watches 441, but not as frequently.

Most agree that this is the most important source of revenue for the towns within Jackson County, so don’t expect any leniency from the officer who stops you any time soon!

For legal help with a traffic ticket or speeding ticket in Jackson County Georgia or any other county in Georgia visit Georgia Traffic Ticket  Attorney.

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