New Law Adds $200 To Georgia Speeding Ticket Fines

ATLANTA, GA — There’s a new law on the books to crack down on drivers who excessively break the speed limits on metro Atlanta roads. It’s been dubbed the “Superspeeder” Law and it tacks on an extra $200 to anyone caught going more than 85 miles per hour on multiple-lane highways or more than 75 miles per hour on two-lane roads.

“This is going to save lives. Most drivers don’t realize that a quarter of our crash deaths in Georgia involve excessive speed,” said Bob Dallas, director of the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety. Dallas pushed strongly for the legislation.

The new law is also designed to improve the state’s image. Dallas admitted that Georgia has long been known as the state for travelers “to make up time”.

“We are consistently rated as one of the top states when it comes to traffic that exceeds the posted speed limit,” said Dallas.

Backers also cited the statistic that 60 percent of Georgia trauma admissions are victims of vehicle crashes. At the same time, the state has suffered for quite some time from a lack of funding for trauma care, especially in rural areas.

Because of that, legislators and Governor Sonny Perdue promise the money raised from fines of “Superspeeders” (an estimated $23 million per year) will go to trauma care.

But not everyone is convinced. Senator Emmanuel Jones (D-Decatur) voted against the bill. He said the current state constitution does not allow for any earmarking of funds to a specific cause.

“If we were serious about earmarking the money to go to trauma care, we would re-write the state constitution to allow it,” said Jones. “Right now, citizens just have to trust that the people who passed this law will in fact follow through. That’s going to be tough to do since the money goes into the state’s general budget.”

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59 Responses

  1. This is absurb… government is here just to empty the pockets of us the civilians. OBama pretents to give money out to us but GOv never gives money without taking more money from us. Regarding saving life it is just an excuse.

    • Well if you dont speed you wouldnt have to worry about paying that high fine or the government taking your money . You are in controll of that one, you speed you pay. If you speed then dont cry when you get the ticket you where clearly in the wrong, so then suck it up pay your fine and drive on.

  2. Sorry about that, someone let Carol out of her cell. She has since been returned to her padded walls and rocking slowly back and forth.

  3. I paid my dues last August to the city of Acworth. I was going 65 mph on U.S. Hwy. 41. The speed limit is 55 mph. My welcome to Acworth cost me $175. I had just moved to Acworth 2 days prior to getting the speeding citation. Therefore, you wll not find me in the “super speeder lane.

  4. I would like to see them make a law for the people who drive 20 miles under the speed limit. They are more of a hazzard than the people who are simply trying to get to where they are going. I just got a ticket for doing 66 in a 55… It cost me $440!! My husband got a ticket in Arizona going 96 in a 75 and his ticket was only $260…How’s that for the wonderful State of Georgia government…Slimy, greedy little creeps!! They should have a sign that says welcome to Georgia…Now Bend Over!!

  5. is this law a joke? adding on $200 fines to people getting to and from work in THIS economy is stupid, all you are going to do is cause some poor, desprate, idiot in a broken down civic going to work to feed his kids and barely pay for insurance risk running for it, doing worse than controlled speeding, hes gonna drive wrecklessly and mostlikely get someone killed …. all this law does is make it more probable for someone NOT to stop and pay the x amount of money he owes… the average speed for some hwys in georgia are around 90 in posted 65/75s, im personally never bothered doing 15 over… plus with modern cars, that are meant to stabily go fast and be safe, standard laws become inefficent…
    we live in a gogo america were miniuts between work and getting fired count. we CAN NOT IN THIS ECONOMY PAY $200 EXTRA FOR GOING 15 OVER, WE PROBABLY HAVE A DAMN GOOD REASON TO

    • why dont you try to leave earlier to get to where your going. sounds like you are a cronic road rage speeder.

    • The broken down Civic should get the speeding AND tickets for being a broken down Civic. Driving in the “Superspeeder” range in a junk car is the worst of offenses.

    • Why is everyone in such a hurry man . Life is to short to hurry to the grave. Not me I take my time and smell the coffee one day everyone will be on their death bed breathing their last breath and I dought you will say ” MAN I AM SURE GLADE I HURRIED THROUGH LIFE AND DIDNT SEE THE TREES’

  6. Georgia tries to give the impression that they try to keep taxes low; however, taxes in the form of added fees are everywhere. Speeding enforcement and this law pretend to protect the public , but in reality, it is a way to tax drivers in this state with fees and pass the fees out to sponser’s of the Georgia Boss Hogg government. Now every little town will have their cops hiding behind bushes with radar guns instead of fighting crime.

  7. My take is who cares???

    I don’t speed because I’m in no hurry. Do you really think that speeding in-between stop lights and back-ups really gets you where you are going any faster? Leave earlier if you need to get somewhere earlier. Its a simple thing. Relax and enjoy life!

  8. I often drive over the speed limit and I think this additional fine is little excessive, but I still think it’s funny how everyone is complaining about it. If you don’t want to pay the $200 or if you’re too broke to pay it, don’t go over 85 mph! Don’t get me wrong, I think the posted limits are way too low, especially considering that the average speed on most GA highways is a good 10 to 20 mph over the limit. But still, the law is the law so if you don’t want to deal with the fine just slow down a little bit and then you don’t have to worry about it..

    • I was going exactly 85 in a 75. It was on my ticket and I aggree I should pay the amount they told me to call about $180.00. Now a month after the fact, I get something that says I am a super speeder. Wouldn’t it have to be 86 to make me that? So now they want another $200. Why didn’t they just tell me that the first time around????

      • let me know what happened with that cause I just got the same kind of ticket going 85 mph in 75mph

  9. I fear this will increase speed traps and fines more than it will possibly do any good saving lives.

    I am interested to know if this law will apply to police vehicles themselves. As it stands, plenty of cops violate the law by driving fast without their lights or sirens on. If they are exempt to this added fine, I will be incensed.

    • Honestly I would have to agree with you on this matter cause a majority of Law enforcement officer feel that because of the job they hold it put them above the law that apply,s to the rest of us

  10. I am for this law. To all of you who think this is absurd…please think about those that have lost someone to a superspeeders. Everyone is in a hurry to get somewhere and by speeding they risk their lives as well as others.

  11. The state of Georgia could care less about any loss of life; they only passed this law as a money-maker. Idiots.

    • @ Angry Driver & @ Scorp

      I absolutely agree with you these so called politicians/law makers rats only worry about their own well being financial situation. If you feel like it, you can read my 2 cents below….i know its little long. Thanks

      These politicians are bunch of greedy and corrupt crooks. They themselves most likely get away with all kinds of violations in order to avoid heavy fines/penalties/fees meanwhile an everyday person needs to pay some non sense surcharges and fees that brings more money into their pockets and puts unnecessary stress and financial burden to a poor everyday working person/family. Not only you get to pay some crazy fine with surcharges included (maybe we all must pay fines for a violating laws), but to what extend do they penalize us financially in order to collect more money after you paid your ticket/fine/summons in the first place. These crooks hide behind some kind of state/government agencies in order to empty our pockets of a last dollar.

      I recently took a trip (summer2011) with my wife to damn FL from NY. On the way there we were pulled over by one of the Georgia State police who stopped me for speeding I was doing 89 on 75. Ok I admitted it to him and accepted a hefty fine….you know I broke the law. After coming back from FL to NYC I paid damn ticket. To my disbelieve I recently received a letter from State of Georgia. At first I thought maybe my payment did not go thru I checked my records and everything looked just fine ticket was paid. I start reading a letter and it says I must pay $200 Fee Superspeeders. In this damn economy (prices going up) and high unemployment why would these crooks impose more fines/fees and etc. Apparently this so called a new law was put in place just recently….hmmm I guess not enough money in the budget, so let’s find a new way to rob people. Its not only in Georgia these bastards have something similar for NYC drivers if you have 6 points (they called this fee driver responsibility assessment bull shit program) or more on your driver license you will have to pay between $300 to $600 dollars of so called fees. For $200 dollars I could have fill up my car with gas once a week for 4 weeks. For $200 I could have paid my utility bills, food expenses and etc. I guess it’s a new trend nowadays to rob you in a brought daylight by our politicians/law makers. These so called politicians/law makers’ rats only worry about their own well being financial situation. There will be a day when people had enough and will take it to the streets.

      • i don’t know if i will have to pay the super slow tortoise fine for going fast on a 45 or whatever it was, georgia’s ridiculous fines, was driving through georgia in almost deserted road, the only car the police could pick on was mine probably, local cars one or two where driving ahead of me probably faster, bad signage, didnot know if it was 45 mph, 55mph, when i asked the police why he stopped me he just said i am going to give you a citation, i said how much was i over, he said you have to call the office, and gave me the ticket, i think this was done because of an out of state license plate

      • Just got a ticket in GA myself for doing 80 in a 65. Going to fl from ny. Pigs were sitting behind the 65mph sign that was on the other side of a hill when it dropped from 70, 5 pigs, all 5 pulled someone over while I was stopped. If GA got bombed off the map I’d be happy

      • @ Fellow NYer Hello pal….How much was your fine…My ticket was $295 plus $200 for bs Superspeeder fee. I am not planning to pay $200 Superspeeder fee..Jerks won’t starve from hunger. Taking away our money in order to break us complete scum. Forget freedom our freedom were taking away long time ago….nowadays you need to rely on green money to have some kind of freedom….very sad indeed.

  12. Are they going 2 increase the speed limit also? for ex hwy 20 @ certain spots has a speed limit of 55mph I think it should 65mph all around… times have changed along with cars….

  13. Good grief this law is so stupid georgia is one less place I could live without I cain’t wait to get out of ga its getting worse and worse everyday these laws are just plain out ridiculous $200.00 give me a break georgia gov!!!

  14. Crooked cops!!!

  15. The only people who get offended with laws like this are the perpetrators; those who try to abide by these laws may not agree, but they try to comply…not complain.

  16. I completely understand the law as it pertains to the interstate. I am a safe driver who has never had any wrecks (knock on wood) and I have only had 2 speeding tickets and they were going thru 2 small towns where the city limit sign and the speed limit sign were nowhere to be found, and to keep from having to miss a day of work for either one i just paid the fine. However while driving on the interstates, if I go 10 miles over the speed limit with all the cars around me I start to feel like my car is not as steady as if I just slow it down a little. Maybe we all should just leave a little earlier, and drive the speed limit. I mean come on, rules are there for a purpose!! Get over it and abide by the law. You won’t have to worry about the fines if you follow the rules 🙂 Have a great day!!!

  17. I totally agree with Jeff. Yes, you may have to get to work but just because you have to be at work at 9 is no excuse to speed. If you were a little less lazy then you would get up earlier so you wouldn’t have to speed. But all and all this is a simple money making law to pray on the super-speeders of the state.

  18. If you don’t drive at least 75 mph on 285 you are living dangerously. There are tons of drivers going 85 +++. There are too many factors to consider before you arbitrarily impose such punitive fines. If the state is so concerned about the trauma cases, just increase the presence of troopers on the highways. One of two things will happen. Since many people will speed regardless of their presence, they will issue tons of tickets and generate more revenue. OR – People will actually slow down, resulting in fewer accidents and less trauma cases and save some money.

  19. I don’t know ya’ll. I think i’m ok with this law. I still drive through Ga all the time (truck driver) but I just moved to Fl and my personal vehicle insurance dropped from $390 per year to $190 per year for the EXACT same coverage.
    Maybe it’s not related but I think it is. I’m scared to drive in georgia sometimes on account of all the nuts out there.

  20. .Stopped with radar going 77 on 285 in Ga.I just want to know what amount am I looking to pay.Can anyone out there maybe give me an amount .My ticket is not in the system yet.I just want to start saving now.My second spedding ticket since 1991.

  21. Citizens living in Dekalb County Ga. are being robbed by bogus traffic cops! We live near school zones and are constantly being pulled over. I tested the same cop who pulled me over the day before. As soon as I pulled out of my culdesac and turned onto the main street she pulled me over. When she noticed she had given me a $407 school zone ticket the day before she let me go! This is ROBBERY! Then you show up at court and they make you come back another day to fight the ticket. I STILL don’t have a new court date because they officer is busy! WTH? Don’t move here!!!

  22. Note the “$23 Million” revenue theory- that means they will issue around 115,000 of these tickets.

    There are around 10 Million people in Georgia so 115,000 tickets represents more than 1% of the population numbers.

    (yes tourist and travelers get them and some people get more than one, but it provides a perspective of the numbers).

    I wonder how many total speeding tickets are issued in Georgia annually and what percentage are “Super Speeders.”

    Also, the trauma statistics are not shocking since driving is one of a few things that typically cause trauma since trauma requires a certain level of injury.

    Things that might be trauma:
    Fight/Argument wounds (baseball bat, knife, gun)

    Falling off the roof (or something higher) including diving accidents.

    Bike accidents

    Machinery/Industrial accidents (farm equipment, automobiles falling on you or rolling over you, limb/tree mulching machines) and some of these might be considered “vehicles.”

    Crazy injuries like walking around a corner and having something like a sharp corner hit you in the head or something fall off a shelf and seriously injure you.

    ATV accidents (I wonder if those count as “vehicle” accidents for this statistic)
    Off-road motorcycle accidents (might also be “vehicle” accidents)
    Boating accidents (hitting docks, poles, markers, sandbars, debris) or being hit by a boat/jet ski.

    It seems odd that only 60% are “vehicle” related since the keys are typically “kinetic energy” (speed of any sort above about 15 MPH) and suddenly hitting something or a powerful machine damaging us. The vast majority of things we do at “speed” is in cars.

  23. hahaha This is completely shameful. I don’t know what is worse. The 200.00 fine in GA or the 50.00 red light camera fines in VA Beach! This country is GAY!

  24. Speeding tickets are just a way to generate revenue for the state and local municapalities and VERY little to do with safety! They just spin Safety in to make it seem justifiable. I say cut the state patrol and police force if all they can do is run radar to help with budgets. They seldom catch the dangerous drivers because they are sitting in a car on the side of the road running radar. Amazing to me that someone driving down the road with absolutely no traffic in front of them or behid them and because they are speeding a cop pulls them over (not to mention he/she speeds at almost twice their speed to run them down) and writes a ticket that cost the individual a weeks pay! Way too much government control! Red light cameras are just put in place for the government to make money!

  25. well then if people would just obey the law they wouldnt have to worry about the gov. takeing their money how about that. If you are speeding then you better except the results when pulled over.I dont understand why people get upset when they are clearly in the wrong from the start. if you want to speed then pay the fine when caught, suck it up.yea I think the fine is to much but I promise you I wont ever pay it because I wont put myself in that position to be caught, in other words I wont speed.

  26. i got a ticket going 81 in a 55 (on the connector by turner field)….the fine was $728! unbelievable! just be careful

  27. The resolution is one of two things, if you don’t want a ticket don’t speed or move somewhere else if your not happy with the laws. I go over the speed limit all the time may 5 miles over or 15 miles over it’s according to the traffic but regardless that is the choice I make and if caught I will have to pay. All this complaining is not getting you anywhere most people just like to here themselves run their mouths. Put you energy into better things you can control like working on making yourself, your family or anything in your life better. Hey maybe put that energy into educating yourself on the idiots that’s been put in the Whitehouse and getting them out of there. That might lower the anger levels of the people going over the speed limit and the problem will resolve itself. Think when your riding down the road speeding, Am I going to fast to stop if something happens, what if you kill someone because of speeding. What if your family member was killed by a speeder?

  28. Stopped with out radar going 51 on 35 zone in Ga.I just want to know what amount am I looking to pay.Can anyone out there maybe give me an amount .My ticket is not in the system yet.I just want to start saving now.

  29. Hi My name is Chris Sapp who is a patient from Miami Children’s Hospital. My brother and I are mostly traveling with our Uncle down to visit with our grandma in Darien Georgia. think people are from out of state traveling from Canada needs to know a little more about the Georgia state laws for speeding. This passed weekend whole traveling down to visit with our grandma Darien and somebody was tailgating on our bumper. I think Georgia state needs to have more Highway control sitting on I-95 going both Directions. Thank God for my family haven’t got a speeding ticket but i’m warming the other drivers. I also do think the Georgia state need to have laws for remind the people do not go 55 in the left lane.

  30. NEVER just pay the ticket for superspeeding. I Had one, for 94 in a 70. The ticket amount was just crazy i saved a foutune by hiring a lawyer. All he did was talk to the DA and got it dropped to 84 in a 70 whick is 0 points and a much smaller fine. Since then i invested in an escort ZX4 laser defense system, now they cant even read my speed with laser. I repeat, DO NOT just pay the ticket. The cost of hiring a lawyer will save you big in the end.

    • Did you know about the superspeeder law? My son was ticketed in Georgia and because we are from Michigan, paid the ticket THEN got the next jolt from Georgia about the superspeeder fee–never saw it coming. Nothing on the ticket says there is another fee–cop didn’t say anything about it–now I seriously wonder about why the cop put him at 86 mph considering that over 85 is what gets them the extra money. I think it’s a huge scam. There should be a warning on the ticket or from the cop about this next level of being charged. I was told this is also going to appear as a misdemeanor if anyone does a background check on him! I will never stay in Georgia, eat in Georgia, or travel through Geogia again.

      • I completely agree with you! Never will I spend two cents in this state! I paid my fine as I was speeding! ONE OVER which put me into this money grapping category. NEVER did the policeman OR the person to whom I spoke to find out the cost of the fine informed me of the EXTRA $200. Naturally I can do nothing now except pay it. The Sherriff to whom I just spoke said the officer does not have to tell you about it as it is a STATE law. DEFINITELY A TAX GRAB!

      • I just had the same thing happen to me. I know for a fact that I was
        going less than 76 mph but the cop said he clocked me at 86. This
        is a major scam that should be addressed but won’t be. Last time I go anywhere near Georgia.

    • May I ask what lawyer you used? I got one going 85 in a 70.

    • @wayne Hello. How often you get false alarm with your radar detector…Thank you in advance. I am thinking to get one….is it worth while spending money on radar for city commute…..or I will have issues

  31. 14 miles over the limit. no tickets in 23 years and this is the first in Georgia. $250 fine. What a load of shit.

  32. Taxes and excessives fews are some damn stupid. These states are getting more richer off poor people that bust their butt to survive. The US taxes are getting outragoues everyday.

  33. I just got a $500 ticket in Lowndes County, 5 minutes from the Florida state line. I was going “94” in a 70. Now I have to go to court. Did I mention this was my first ticket, and that I got it the day after my 21st birthday?!

  34. georgia’s ridiculous fines, was driving through georgia in almost deserted road, the only car the police could pick on was mine probably, local cars one or two where driving ahead of me probably faster, bad signage, didnot know if it was 45 mph, 55mph, when i asked the police why he stopped me he just said i am going to give you a citation, i said how much was i over, he said you have to call the office, and gave me the ticket, i think this was done because of an out of state license plate

  35. Bottom line is you speed you get a ticket you pay the cost of the ticket NOT an additional $200 plus $50 reinstatment fee???? What on earth if this???? Our government stealing from us??? If this not the biggest rip off in life I can’t even imaging this is legal??? HELP I don’t have it!!I am a mother and broke.

  36. I am ready thru these postings and seeing ranges of fees all over the place going absurdly high. I don’t understand why such a drastic range. I would love to know where some of these speedtraps are that people are posting. If you read this, send the location so we can all benefit from the knowledge. I was stopped by trooper on 12/31/11 right at Cordele (Lake Blackshear area) about 30 miles north of Tifton. I noticed after I was stopped, there were three more waiting ahead of me. I believe the only reason I was pulled over was I had managed to leave the pack so was easy prey. He wasn’t able to tell me how fast but I was probably right at 80, maybe 85 but that’s unlikely. Of course, it’s posted 70 on I-75. He told me to call the number on the citation. He told me he wasn’t going to list me as going 85 so my fee wouldn’t be as high as it could be. When I called, they told me it would be $246. Now I’ve seen other amounts posted – but not $246. Why are all these amounts different? Shouldn’t they be the same amounts? Are they making these up as you call? Did the trooper really give me a break at $246? I completely understand keeping speeding down; but honestly, these highways need to be readjusted to higher speeds. So bottom line – love to hear where everyone is getting pulled over when on I-75

  37. Same thing as much people on here. My boyfriend, his brothers and I was driving through GA to visit his family for the holidays.The cop was going completely the opposite direction turned around and gave my bf a citation said he was going 92 in a 70. Paid the first ticket next thing you know a letter in the mail came saying if he didnt pay $200 his license was going to be suspended. Im like he paid the ticket. You would think for the holidays they would be alot nicer. I was caught going 85 in a 70 in SC the cop dropped the speed to 79 and I only had to pay $84. The thing that drives me crazy the most is when you see a cop go past you and youre going the speed limit so obviously he’s speeding so where is his speeding ticket.

  38. I just got a ticket on the 85 driving down to Columbus,GA. My mother-in-law passed away and I am the only family, so I needed to get down here. – I landed and picked up my car at Hertz and I was on the road. Absolutely no traffic and I was not used to the car I was driving. I got a ticket for allegedly doing 90 in a 70 mile an hour section. The damn car felt like a “mudder” in comparison to the traffic around me. I was moving with the traffic, but I got nailed. How much is this SOB join join to cost me?? Not a happy camper – frankly I’m pissed!

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