Traffic Stop In Gwinnett County Ends With Woman In Jail

NORCROSS – Things quickly went from bad to worse for an Auburn woman during an early morning traffic stop on Interstate 85 Thursday.

According to reports, a Gwinnett police officer was running radar near Indian Trail Road at about 12:30 a.m. when 47-year-old Gayle John sped by in a silver Mercedes, 20 mph over the posted speed limit.

Reports said the officer caught up with John and pulled her over near Beaver Ruin Road, where he cited her for speeding. The officer said that in her state of frustration, John snatched the ticket book from his hands when asked to sign the citation and also snatched her copy of the citation and her driver’s license from him.

Before the officer could get his hand out of the car’s window, he said, John “suddenly and aggressively” hit the gas, striking the officer’s thigh and the butt of his firearm with the side of her car. The officer was spun to his left as the vehicle bumped him on the hip.

The incident took place in the emergency lane to the left of the HOV lane, police said, leaving the officer – who was not seriously injured – little room to get out of the way.

“Due to our location next to a large concrete wall, I was closer to John’s vehicle than normal,” the officer said. “Additionally, I was not able to take a step back due to the concrete wall.”

As John got back onto the interstate, police said, she accelerated to 90 mph before the officer pulled her over again, this time near Ga. Highway 316.

John was taken into custody and charged with aggravated assault, reckless driving and reckless conduct.

She was also issued an additional speeding ticket.

Jail records show John is free on $17,455 bond.

By Heath Hamacher
Staff Writer, Gwinnett Daily Post

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