Busted For Speeding; Tips If You Get Pulled Over

It happens to all of us at one time or another. In a hurry to get the kids to soccer practice, or rushing to the store to get a few things on the way home from work, you forget that your speedometer doesn’t have a mind of its own and in a flash, that dreaded scenario occurs. The flashing red lights of a traffic cop’s vehicle appear in the rear view mirror and you get that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach..BUSTED for speeding!  Below are a few tips that may help you either avoid getting the speeding ticket in Georgia or anywhere else.

1) Pull the vehicle over to the side of the road as quickly as possible.

1) DO NOT admit that you were speeding even if you realize you were, don’t engage in unnecessary conversation with the officer as this could be used against you later

2) Maintain a calm, collected outward appearance even if you are seething inside, give it your best effort.

4)  Make sure that your vehicle is turned off.

5) Keep your hands on the wheel in the 10 and 2 position and in plain site to the officer at all times.

6) Don’t get out your driver’s license and registration until the officer asks for them.

7) Observe the officer; if he or she is in an unmarked vehicle or not wearing an easily identifiable uniform, remember this as it could help with your traffic ticket defense if you contest the speeding ticket in court.

8) Above all, treat the traffic officer with respect and be courteous at all times.

You can fight a speeding ticket in Georgia and beat it.