Highway Safety Crackdown in Early County Georgia

With the summer holiday driving period approaching, the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety in the Peach State has once again begun its 100-days of summer Highway Enforcement of Aggressive Traffic program.

Officers from 20 law enforcement agencies in Georgia came together Friday for a common goal, to promote safe highway traveling during the deadly summer holiday driving period.

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The 100-days of summer H.E.A.T program works in conjunction with Georgia Highway Safety Networks mandatory traffic stops are set-up in different counties to ticket those driving the wrong way and to show drivers there’s only one way to drive safe.
“Put a seatbelt on, keep the speeds slow and give yourself reaction time, and of course don’t drink and drive,” said Tony Bobbitt with Governor’s Office of Highway Safety.

Several tickets were issued for unsafe child seats, traveling with too many people in the back seat and some drivers found out if you drive without a license and insurance you don’t get to drive home.

Friday was the first time Early County was the location for the roadblock crackdowns. They will continue to pinpoint certain things throughout the night and the summer holiday season.

“High-speeds following too close aggressive driving like switching in and out of lanes with a lot of traffic, tailgating and all that stuff. During these two weeks focus is on impaired drivers,” said Bobbitt.

There are almost 1,600 fatalities each year on Georgia Highways. Law enforcement believes will help bring down that number and show motorist they are serious about safety.

More roadblocks are being set-up through the morning hours in Early County.

Story by WTVYNews4.com

Traffic or speeding ticket Early County GA?

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