Traffic Cameras on School Buses in Georgia

Traffic camera manufacturers Redflex and American Traffic Solutions are in talks with city councils and state legislature in many states including Georgia, Connecticut, Maryland, Washington and Louisiana to install traffic cameras mounted to school buses for live monitoring of surrounding traffic. According to Rick Gresham, transportation director for the Cobb County school district in Georgia approximately 1100 motorists pass the school buses in that county when the red stop sign on the bus is out, a dangerous hazard and a traffic violation.

The proposed plan would provide a live feed and if caught on camera and a photo “snapped” a ticket would be issued, 82% of the fine of which would go to the school district and the remaining portion to the police and for court costs.

Read the story now.


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  1. Thought I was ok to pass the bus the bus driver did not put out the stop sign till I got right up to the front if the bus if the bus driver had put the yellow caution lights on first I would have never pass the bus

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