DeKalb County Ticket Fixing Scam – Follow Up

Interesting article in the Atlanta Journal Constitution points out how a security oversight by the Dekalb County Recorder’s Court paved the way to a ticket fixing scheme. According to this article by Ty Tagami of

DeKalb Recorder’s Court, which handles traffic tickets and misdemeanor charges, was found in an unrelated review last year to have allowed millions of dollars in unpaid fines to slip through the county’s fingers. The court was then burned by a fraud ring. Three former employees and five others were indicted in connection with ticket-fixing. Two of the defendants pleaded guilty last week.

The recently concluded grand jury, empaneled for July and August, said lax oversight made the court vulnerable.

“Clearly, no ‘check and balance’ system was in place at the time of the alleged criminal actions, and frankly, the Grand Jury finds it deleterious for the head of Recorder’s Court to fail to take any initiative, action, or corrective steps once her former employees were implicated,” the jurors wrote.

Problems need to be addressed from the “get go” and handled to prevent this type of fraud from happening again. The crime was occurring at such a low level in what might be deemed a bureaucracy by most, it was literally “flying under the radar”.

Read the article at AJC,com

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