Georgia Law Enforcement Wrap Click It Or Ticket

Law enforcement officers are wrapping up Click-it-or-Ticket during the most traveled weekend of the year.
Georgia State Patrol is in full force and say they’re more aggressive over the holidays when more travelers are on the roads.

During this busy travel weekend, the state patrol is seeing thousands more drivers on Georgia roads and they’re not afraid to give tickets.

While there’s a number of things they’re looking for, they catch most people for speeding.

“Every trooper in the state is out on roads in force.  We’re always looking at seatbelt use, aggressive drivers. Seems like when the holidays come around, they come out.  I’m not sure about why they speed more during the holidays, guess they’re trying to get to where they’re getting,” said Georgia State Patrol Trooper Brandon Brown.

Officers enforce seatbelt laws 365 days a year, but they say the Click-it-or-Ticket program, which they usually run about 3 or 4 times a year, makes drivers more aware of the importance of buckling up.

“I think the signs on the expressway showing that they are going to give you a ticket is very good because you are aware of it as you should be aware of it,” said traveler Linda Phillips.

“If they’re scared they’re going to get a ticket just for not wearing a seatbelt, they’ll probably put it on,” added Alycia Delmar.

Law enforcement agencies work together to make the program a success.  Georgia State Patrol focuses mostly on the interstates and the Bibb County Sheriff’s Office watches seatbelt use in neighborhoods and city roads.

“Unfortunately we see people not wearing seatbelts while driving,” said Deputy Jim Carroll.

As of noon on Friday, more than 1,000 wrecks have been reported since Wednesday night — with 262 injuries and four people killed.

“We’d like to see no injuries and no fatalities, but unfortunately that doesn’t happen,” said Brown.

Click-it-or-Ticket ends on Sunday, but keep in mind that officers will write a ticket any time they see a driver without a seatbelt on.

Article by Liz Foster,

Traffic Ticket in Georgia?

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