Woman In Receipt of Red Light Ticket in GA Wasn’t There At The Time…

A Florida grandmother received a red light camera ticket in the mail from Atlanta Georgia, notifying her of a violation, caught on camera. The only problem with this ticket is that she hadn’t visited the state of GA for over 35 years, and the photo that was sent along with the ticket showed a black pontiac and Evelyn Singer owns a white Acura! The name, address and vehicle on the ticket were, however, correct.

How often this type of “mix-up” seems to occur isn’t easy to research, as many consumers probably do not bother to examine the photo carefully if the accompanying information regarding the vehicle and owner is correct. The quaity of the red light camera photos can sometime be “questionable”, to say the least.

Singer, aka, the alleged red light runner, wasn’t going to just put up and pay the fine. She sent a certified letter and called Atlanta Georgia Traffic court numerous times attempting to get through to someone, even after being put on hold and repeatedly disconnected.

FInally, she was told that this would be taken care of and she would not be held responsible for the red light violation fine in Atlanta. Lesson to be learned here is to always confirm the photo and information, including alleged location of the violation, don’t just shut up and pay up!

Traffic ticket in Georgia?

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