Red Light Cameras Stay At Eight Atlanta GA Intersections

The Atlanta City Council gave the green light Monday to keeping red-light cameras at eight intersections.

The city, however, may find it more difficult getting additional cameras approved.

State lawmakers are considering a bill that would require cities and counties to obtain a permit from the Georgia Department of Transportation before installing any cameras. Under the proposed law, any local agency that did not obtain a permit would forfeit its right to fines from traffic tickets at those intersections and the state could collect the money. The Georgia Senate is reviewing the bill. Some state lawmakers unsuccessfully drafted legislation last year attempting to outlaw the cameras.

The city issued 26,944 tickets for red light violations between November 2005 and December 2007. During that time, the city collected nearly $2.1 million from fines, but spent $1.35 million on various fees. City leaders insist the cameras are in place to improve traffic safety, not get money.


Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Atlanta GA Traffic Ticket Attorney

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