Signs Moving To Improve Safety In Jesup GA

The new red light at Lairsey’s may have made travel safer there, but more adjustments to improve safety will be made there in coming months.Glenn Durrence, district engineer for the Georgia Department of Transportation’s (GDOT) Jesup office said last week he has recommended the “signal ahead” warning signs at the intersection be relocated.

The yellow signs warn motorists approaching the intersection to slow down for the traffic light.

Durrence made the suggestion in response to a request by County Commissioner Aldeen Davis last month.

Davis asked GDOT Commissioner Gena Abraham to place flashing warning signals on the approaches to the dangerous intersection.“I have been working on this since before the red light was put up there,” Davis says.

The commissioner says he became concerned that traffic might not have enough advance warning of the light and might not be prepared to stop.

“December’s bus accident at the intersection certainly was a case in point behind those concerns,” says Davis.

The request for the flashing signals was not recommended, but Durrence did say the warning signs should be moved farther back to give more time for motorists to react. The recommendations were made after a site visit and a review of the traffic light’s operation.Davis says the DOT has also asked local leaders to control speeding in the Lairsey Crossing area.

“Speed was a factor in the accidents, including the one involving the bus, that have occurred there since the light was put in place,” says Davis. “They haven’t asked us for a law enforcement crack down yet, but they have asked us to ask our residents to slow down in the area.”

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