Stopped By A Georgia Traffic Officer? Know Your Rights.


If you are driving in Georgia you may get pulled over for any number of moving violations, the list below includes the majority of Georgia Moving Traffic Violations that you can be charged and ticketed for by a Georgia Traffic Officer.

  1. Obedience to Traffic Control Devices
  2. Failure to Maintain Lane
  3. Following too Closely.
  4. Failure to Yield Right of Way
  5. Failure to STOP
  6. Failure to Yield
  7. Improper U Turn
  8. Improper Lane Change
  9. Failure to Use Correct Signal
  10. Impeding Traffic Flow
  11. Reckless Driving
  12. Attempting to Elude
  13. Aggressive Driving

If you are ticketed in GA for any of these violations, you can seek the help of a Georgia Traffic Ticket Attorney for assistance in dealing with the fines that may be associated, in varying amounts, with the violation. Don’t just automatically assume you must pay or go to court on your own behalf for your moving ticket violation in Georgia.

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  1. im 19 yrs old two weeks ago i was hit by a car while walking 7 ft into the grass against oncoming traffic
    my friend who was walking to my left 8ft from the street lost his life he was 15 i live in duluth ga i feel that the police should have done something more 1 boy killed and me several blood transfusions 12 broken bones 3 fractured ribs and cuts and bruises im a sophmore in college and two monyhs pregnant and all the 0police did was give him a ticket for an illegal right turn .he turned right into two teens that is like the casey anthony case is there no justice to make it worse it was a hit and run

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